Wondering why you are looking at this website or how you received a message via Bluetooth?

This product below sends out a personalised 40 character message with your own website link or social media link written by yourself to anyone who has an Android Smart Phone that is connected to bluetooth within a 100 yard radius.

Bluetooth Message Transmitter

Bluetooth Message Transmitter

Promote your Business to Hundreds & even Thousands of Android Phone Users, without lifting a hand or speaking to a single person.

It’s for Every Business, Including Yours!

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Think outside the box!

What if you could reach up to 50% of everyone around you with a personalised message written by yourself, yet never say a word?

You could be in a crowded shopping centre or sports stadium and advertise your company just by having transmitter on your key ring or in your bag.

This is a great opportunity to get your companies name out there!

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